Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee Adopts Budget

This week, the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, chaired by Senator Holly Mitchell met to close out final items not addressed by the Subcommittees and to adopt the Senate’s budget package. Senator Mitchell commended the work of the subcommittees which convened a total of 61 hearing. She emphasized that the Senate budget reflects a balanced approach and is responsible, honest and continues to make progress. She also noted the investments reflect the Senate’s commitment to ensuring the budget addresses the critical needs of California.

The Senate utilized the General Fund and property tax revenue estimates put forward by the Legislative Analyst’s Office, which results in a greater revenue than the Administration’s estimates.

Subcommittee chairs provided highlights from their work, which included a $483.9 million investment for wildfire prevention and mitigation, increased child care rates, expanded Medi-Cal eligibility for special persons with disabilities and undocumented seniors. Senator Pan noted benefit restorations, increased reimbursement rates and the rejection of the Administration’s proposal to eliminate the 340B drug purchasing program within Medi-Cal, among other investments.

Once the Assembly adopts their full budget, the Budget Conference Committee will begin to reconcile the differences between the two houses.