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CHEAC is dedicated to the promotion, protection, and improvement of the health of all Californians while addressing the unique health needs of our local communities.

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Legislature Continues Busy Schedule of Policy Committee Hearings, Governor Approves Wildfire Spending

This week, the California State Senate and Assembly continued with a series of policy committee hearings, amending measures and advancing bills through the legislative process. Recall, the Legislature has two weeks to hear and report any bills with fiscal implications in their houses of origin. Bills without any fiscal implications must be heard and reported…

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Senate Democrats Unveil 2021-22 Budget Priorities

This week, the California Senate Democrats released “Build Back Boldly: Senate Democrats Budget Priorities for 2021-22 and Beyond” detailing priority investments for the state as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall goals of the Senate Democrats include a more equitable economy that supports and improves pathways out of poverty, a stronger middle…

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