Our Priorities

Sustain the $200 Million GF Annual Investment in Public Health Infrastructure

Governor Newsom’s January budget proposal for FY 2023-24 wisely maintains California’s commitment to invest $200 million GF annually in local public health departments to begin rebuilding the infrastructure and workforce capacity (positions) that were hollowed out in the decade before COVID-19.

Protect Public Health Workforce Development and Training Programs

Governor Newsom’s January budget plan proposes to slash $49.8 million GF of the Public Health Equity & Readiness Opportunity (HERO) Initiative funds dedicated for the following programs.

Enhance California’s Home Visiting Program with Mental Health Supports and Provide Flexibility to Meet the Needs of Californians

California’s Home Visiting Program is a crucial and transformational strategy to meet California’s goals of health equity by supporting new parents and pregnant people. The program is a public health preventive intervention designed for families who are at risk for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), including domestic violence, substance use disorders, and mental health related issues.

Families may have more acute needs after experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. Local health departments are seeking flexibility to leverage additional models that equitably meet the needs of their community, including mental health support. Existing models also have strict staffing requirements that must be met and local health jurisdictions may need to leverage additional models that can utilize their existing workforce or otherwise may risk being unable to provide home visiting services.