RWJF Releases Annual National Health Security Preparedness Index Scores

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), in collaboration with the University of Kentucky, recently released its annual National Health Security Preparedness Index which identifies strengths and weaknesses in the protections needed to keep individuals safe and healthy in the event of a large-scale public health emergency. The Index combines a series of measures from various sources and perspectives to detail health protections in place for the entire U.S. and by state and how those protections change over time.

Notable findings from the most recent Index scores indicate:

  • A 7.1 score (out of 10) for national preparedness; a 6.9 score for California
  • A 2.9 percent increase in overall national health security preparedness scores since 2016
  • Five-year upward trends in the domains of Community Planning and Engagement, Health Security Surveillance, and Incident Management

California’s 6.9 overall health security level remains below the national average of 7.1. Notably, California’s overall score increased 7.8 percent since 2013, most notably in the area of Health Security Surveillance. However, the state’s lowest health security level existed in Healthcare Delivery at a score of 4.2.

The full U.S. National Health Security Preparedness Index Scores are available here, and California’s scores are available here.