Prevention Institute Publishes Brief on Health Inequities

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Prevention Institute released a brief titled, “Countering the Production of Health Inequities through Systems and Sectors.” The brief examines a series of determinants of health, their connections to health and safety, and inequities in health and wellbeing outcomes. To better understand the origination of health inequities and determine how to best address them, the brief recommends a three-pronged approach through:

  • Single sector action;
  • Multi-sector action; and
  • A system to ensure a continued and deliberate focus on achieving health equity

The brief outlines a number of systems and strategies available to addressing and ameliorating health inequities, including built environment design improvements, violence prevention, economic opportunity initiatives, and housing availability. Local-based examples are highlighted in the report, and a call to action is made to reverse inequities and disparities and build health equity. The full Prevention Institute brief is available here.