Healthy California for All Commission Issues Final Report

The Healthy California for All Commission, established as part of the 2019 Budget Act, this week issued its final report on unified health system financing. The report details the concept of unified financing as a statewide system to arrange, pay for, and assure health care in which all residents are entitled to receive a standard package of health services. Within the unified system, the Commission notes entitlement to health services would not vary by age, employment, disability, income, immigration status, or other characteristics. Moreover, distinctions among Medicare, Medi-Cal, employer-sponsored coverage, and individual coverage would be eliminated within a unified financing system.

The Commission identifies a series of benefits of unified financing, key design decisions associated with such a shift, and a pathway forward in establishing unified financing. The Commission is set to meet next Monday, April 25 to review and discuss the report.

The full unified financing report is available here.