de Beaumont Foundation Publishes Public Health Workforce Survey Results

The de Beaumont Foundation this month released the 2017 results of the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS). PH WINS is a national survey of state and local public health agency employees that captures detailed demographics, workforce engagement, morale, training needs, and emerging concepts in public health. PH WINS also provides state-and city-specific data to agencies to help them understand strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve skills, training, and employee engagement.

Key findings of the 2017 PH WINS Survey include:

  • Despite high levels of job satisfaction, a large proportion of workers are considering leaving their organization in the next year. Top reasons include dissatisfaction with pay, lack of opportunity for advancement, and workplace environment.
  • The majority of workers are satisfied with their jobs but are less satisfied with their organizations and pay.
  • Workers indicate a high level of engagement but do not believe that creativity and innovation are rewarded.
  • Top training needs among workers are budgeting and financial management, systems and strategic thinking, change management, and developing a vision for a healthy community.
  • The public health workforce is not demographically representative of the country in terms of gender or age.

Additional information is available here and the full 2017 PH WINS Survey is available here.