CHEAC Opposing AB 626

It’s been a quiet week here in Sacramento during the Legislative Spring Recess, though members will return for the busy season on Monday, April 14. The CHEAC Legislative Committee did take action this week to oppose SB 626 by Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia. Bill details are highlighted below.

In addition, an updated bill chart can be found here. Each week, we will also place the updated bill chart in the sidebar on the the 2017-18 Legislative Session advocacy page.

AB 626 (E. Garcia) as amended on 4/6/17 – Oppose

AB 626 would create a new type of food facility under the California Retail Food code for “microenterprise home kitchens.” These entities would be allowed to operate in private home kitchens with a limitation on the number of meals that can be prepared per day and per week along with a gross annual sales limitation of $50,000. These home kitchens would only be allowed to operate if permitted by a local enforcement agency including being required to submit written operating procedures and allowing compliance inspections.

Both CHEAC and HOAC are opposed to this bill with specific concerns about allowing the preparation of potentially hazardous foods in home kitchens and that inspecting home kitchens goes way beyond the scope and ability of local health departments.