UCLA Issues Interim WPC Evaluation, Finds Progress in Improving Care for Californians

This week, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research published its draft interim report of the Whole Person Care (WPC) Program, finding significant progress in establishing crucial data systems and core infrastructure needed to coordinate services for WPC clients. This infrastructure includes processes to support effective care coordination among county and community-based providers, development of health information technology systems, and establishment of partnerships for managing care.

UCLA also found promising evidence of improvement in outcomes of care, including improved rates of follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness, initiation and engagement in alcohol and other drug dependence treatment, and timely provision of comprehensive care plans. Better health outcomes as a result of the WPC Pilots, according to UCLA, include improve beneficiary self-reported overall and emotional health, controlled blood pressure, and diabetes control.

The draft interim report is currently under review by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for comment. The interim WPC evaluation will be finalized after all CMS comments and feedback have been addressed. The full draft interim evaluation report is available here.