Speaker Rendon Forms Select Committee on Universal Health Care

On Thursday this week, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced the formation of the Assembly Select Committee on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage to develop plans for achieving universal health care in California. The select committee will be chaired by Assembly Members Dr. Joaquin Arambula and Dr. Jim Wood and will hold ongoing hearings in the legislative interim this fall.

Recall SB 562 (Lara) would establish the Health California program to provide universal health coverage to all Californians. The measure was passed out of the Senate earlier this summer, but was shelved by Speaker Rendon prior to being assigned to a committee as he declared the measure “woefully incomplete” for its lack of details around financing, delivery, and implementation. After facing intense pressure from various groups in California, Rendon declared it is now time for the Legislature to closely study the current state of health care delivery systems and determine the best route forward in establishing universal health care. Rendon’s statement is available here. The select committee’s roster is available here.