Senate Rules Committee Confirms Susan Fanelli to CPDH Post, Appointment Moves to Full Senate

This Wednesday, Susan Fanelli went before the Senate Rules Committee for her confirmation hearing for the role of Chief Deputy Director of Policy and Programs for the Department of Public Health (CDPH). Ms. Fanelli discussed her strong commitment to decreasing health disparities, her desire to optimize the health and well-being of all Californians and her strong partnerships with local health jurisdictions. Members questioned Ms. Fanelli on issues ranging from health facilities inspections, vaccinations rates, valley fever, and diabetes. In addition, members inquired about the status of CDPH’s implementation of the State Auditor’s recommendations resulting from the audit of the Hepatitis A outbreak and when CDPH should assert their authority, particularly in instances where the local response is not deemed adequate.

The Senate Rules Committee voted unanimously to confirm Ms. Fanelli. Her confirmation now goes before the full Senate for consideration.