ONDCP Publishes National Drug Control Strategy

This week, the Office of National Drug Control Policy released its National Drug Control Strategy, detailing the Trump Administration’s priorities for addressing drug use through education and evidence-based prevention, providing treatment to individuals with substance use disorders, and reducing the access to and availability of illicit drugs throughout the United States. The Strategy details the overarching agenda and direction for the federal government to prevent drug use and reduce the number of overdose deaths in the country, particularly related to the ongoing nationwide opioid epidemic.

The Strategy details prevention approaches and treatment and recovery services, including implementing a nationwide media campaign, addressing safe prescribing practices, strengthening the capacity of state, local, and tribal communities to identify and prevent substance use disorders, improving the response to opioid overdose, and expanding access to peer recovery support services. The report was informed by the previously-created President’s Commission on Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis which laid out a series of recommendations and actions for the Trump Administration to address the substance use and opioid crisis. The full National Drug Control Strategy is available here.