Newsom Administration Unveils Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit

This week, the Newsom Administration announced the state’s new Employer Vaccination Toolkit, which is intended to improve the process for employers to request a local provider partner or workplace COVID-19 vaccination clinic. The Employer Vaccination Toolkit provides employers with vaccine education materials, information on COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave and other employee guidance, and an online form to request vaccination support. There will be no financial cost to employers.

Employers requesting a vaccination clinic or provider partner will have their request reviewed by the state within three business days; if approved, CDPH will provide the employer a list of local vaccination partners able to support their request. Before the state approves the employer request, CDPH intends to contact the applicable local health department to first determine if local public health can support the employer request.

Additional information on the Employer Vaccination Toolkit is available here.