NASEM Publishes Resources on Health System Interventions to Prevent Firearm Injuries and Deaths

This week, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) published proceedings and an infographic on its recent workshop, “Health Interventions to Prevent Firearm Injuries and Death.” NASEM indicates that firearm injuries and death remain a serious public health concern throughout the U.S., burdening individuals, communities, and health care systems. The materials examine possible roles of health entities and health systems in addressing the ongoing epidemic of firearm injury and death in the U.S.

The Proceedings of a Workshop detail speakers’ presentations on research and programs to prevent firearm injury and death, as well as discussion of the potential role of health systems. A digital overview and infographic of the workshop is available here. Additional information on NASEM’s work on firearm injuries and death is also available here.