Legislature Passes Own Version of Budget, Negotiations with Newsom Continue

On Monday, the California State Senate and Assembly passed AB 128 (Ting),representing the Legislature’s joint $267.1 billion budget package which includes significant investments in public health and health care, individual financial supports, education, and aging, and more. Legislators faced a June 15 constitutionally required deadline to pass a state budget for the upcoming fiscal year or risk forfeiting a portion of their salaries. While the Legislature met the state’s constitutional deadline by passing a budget framework, the Legislature’s budget will not be the final state budget for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1.

Budget negotiations between legislative leaders and the Newsom Administration reportedly continue as involved parties work to land on a unified spending plan for the state. Governor Newsom on Monday released a statement on the Legislature’s budget package, expressing confidence that his administration and legislative leaders will soon reach agreement on a state budget. As negotiations continue, budget activities are anticipated to stretch over the coming months as funding and implementation details will need to be finalized.

For a high-level summary of investments included in the Legislature’s budget framework that was passed on Monday, visit a previous CHEAC Weekly Update article here.