Legislative Update

The CHEAC Legislative Committee met for our second and final in-person meeting of the year to review the last batch of introduced bills. An updated bill chart with all newly added bills will available next week.  CHEAC’s current bill chart can be found here.

A few actions taken by the Legislative Committee are highlighted below:

Chronic Disease Prevention and Wellness Promotion

SB 300 (Monning) – as introduced 2/13/17 – Support

Requires safety warning labels, stating that “drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay” be placed on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) by 7/1/18.

Communicable Disease Control

AB 511 (Arambula) as introduced 2/13/17 – Support

Replaces universal tuberculosis (TB) testing with universal tuberculosis screening, with testing only if indicated, in a variety of code sections pertaining to temporary nursing assistants, volunteers in crisis nurseries, and park or recreational staff, among others.  AB 511 is a HOAC sponsored bill.

Health Coverage/Health Reform

AB 340 (Arambula) as introduced 2/7/17 – Support

Requires that EPSDT screenings include screening for trauma.

Tobacco Control

AB 725 (Levine) as introduced 2/15/17  & SB 386 (Glazer) as introduced 2/14/17 – Support

Bans smoking and disposal of cigar/cigarette waste at a state coastal beach, all parks, public campgrounds, monument sits, landmark sites and sites of historical interest deemed by the state. Smoking includes the use of e-cigarettes.