Language Added to a Myriad of Spot Bills

The Legislature is currently at the mid-point of their house of origin committee hearings for the year, and continue their mad pace before they reach the final deadline for bills to move out of their policy committees and on to their respective fiscal committees by April 28.  Meanwhile, amendments are papering the Capitol, including a myriad of spot bills being fleshed out with proposed language.  Please see our newly revised bill chart, which includes several new bills this week.


SB 386 (Glazer) as introduced on 2/14/17 – Support

SB 386 by Senator Steve Glazer heard in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water on Tuesday, March 28. The measure would prohibit smoking on a state coastal beach or in a unit of the state park system. The measure bans the disposal of cigar or cigarette waste on those premises as well. The discussion was brief in comparison to the hearing on AB 725 by Assembly Member Levine – the identical Assembly bill – however, members did raise questions around the enforcement and whether private property owners would be banned from smoking on their premises when adjacent to state parks and beaches. The measure has no known opposition on file and was passed with a 7 to 2 vote. The measure now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee.