Feedback Sought on California HHS Agency’s Let’s Get Healthy Initiative

The California Health and Human Services Agency is seeking feedback from stakeholders on the statewide Let’s Get Healthy initiative. In 2012, the Let’s Get Healthy Task Force adopted 10 year goals to improve the health and wellbeing of California. Six goal areas were developed and key indicators were identified to measure progress in these areas.

Since then, the California Health and Human Services Agency has been working with partners to advance the mission of Let’s Get Healthy, empower communities to innovate around population health challenges, and share best practices throughout the state.

Given that the Let’s Get Healthy initiative is approaching its five year milestone, the State is embarking on a “refresh” process to identify targeted areas of opportunity to optimize the initiative and ensure efforts are most effectively focused on improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities for all Californians.

You are invited to provide your early feedback through the Agency’s stakeholder input survey. The survey is open through January 12, 2018, and CHEAC Members are encouraged to share their feedback on the initiative’s progress.