December 9, 2016 Edition

Legislative Update

The 2017-18 Legislative Session commenced yesterday as the Legislature gathered in Sacramento to be sworn into office. The November election resulted in 9 new members in the Senate and 22 new members in the Assembly and a democratic supermajority in both houses.

In addition to the swearing in ceremony, Legislative leadership, accompanied by other prominent members avowed promises to preserve California’s liberal agenda. Additionally, the Senate and Assembly both passed resolutions – SR 7 (De Leon) and HR 4 (Rendon) respectively – rejecting the hardline on immigration taken by the President-Elect.

Members also introduced a number of new bills; however, the bulk of bills will be introduced after the Legislature reconvenes on January 4, 2017.

Federal Funding Update

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a short-term continuing resolution funding the federal government through April 28, 2017.  In the House version, program funding will remain at FY 2016 levels.  According to NACCHO, funding will be “substantially the same” for all programs.  The continuing resolution will move to the Senate today as the deadline for funding the government expires at midnight tonight.

Cannabis State Agency Responsibility Chart

During our December CHEAC General Membership Meeting discussion on cannabis implementation, members requested additional details delineating the role of each state agency implementing cannabis regulation and oversight.  Please refer to the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation chart, which is also posted on their website.  Please note the chart has not yet been updated to reflect adult use implementation responsibilities at the state level.