DCC Issues Proposed Cannabis Regulations

The California Department of Cannabis Control recently announced updated proposed cannabis regulations. These include:

Readoption of Emergency Regulations. The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is proposing to readopt its emergency regulations to consolidate the commercial cannabis regulations. The readoption process will allow the emergency regulations to remain in place while DCC completes the regular rulemaking process, which began on March 4.

Initial notice and proposal – March 10, 2022

Consolidated Cannabis Regulations. The DCC has released their comprehensive proposal to make changes to streamline and simplify the cannabis regulations. The proposed regulations include the changes that are in as emergency regulations and additional changes to streamline and strengthen the regulatory framework. The proposed regulations would take effect in Fall 2022 if approved.

Initial notice and proposal – March 4, 2022

Public comment can be submitted in the following ways:

CHEAC will be reviewing the proposed regulations in the coming weeks and will determine whether to weigh in with public comment. We welcome input from local health departments as departments complete their review. Should your local health department submit public comment, we ask that you please provide a copy or key points to CHEAC.