ChangeLab Solutions Publishes Blueprint on Health Equity

ChangeLab Solutions recently released “A Blueprint for Changemakers: Achieving Health Equity Through Law & Policy,” a technical guidance document that provides an overview of a novel approach to reducing health inequities. Through legal and policy strategies for policymakers, public health practitioners, and community members, the blueprint is intended to support jurisdictions in dismantling systemic barriers to health, collaboratively establishing policies and laws that benefit children and families, and promoting health equity.

The report details five fundamental drivers of health inequity, which include:

  1. Structural Discrimination
  2. Income Inequality and Poverty
  3. Disparities in Opportunity
  4. Disparities in Political Power
  5. Governance That Limits Meaningful Participation

Through a variety of community-driven principles, the report discusses how local jurisdictions can ensure that laws and policies lead to equitable outcomes in health and wellbeing among residents. Those principles include, among other activities, using place-based strategies, improving access to healthcare, and promoting early childhood development.

The full ChangeLab Solutions blueprint is available here.