CDPH Updates COVID-19 Guidance for Graduations, Outdoor Events, Schools, Sports, and More

Within the past week, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated a series of its COVID-19 guidance related to commencement ceremonies, amusement and theme parks, outdoor seated live events, in-person school instruction, youth recreational sports, and cohorts. Below, we highlight these updates:

  • Outdoor Seated Live Events & Performances: CDPH today issued updated industry guidance for outdoor seated live events and performances, including ballparks, stadiums, and event venues, which are allowed to open beginning April 1 with significantly reduced capacity, fixed seating, mandatory masking, and other public health precautions. The updated guidance is available here.
  • Amusement & Theme Park Guidance: Similarly, CDPH issued updated guidance for amusement and theme parks which are also allowed to open beginning April 1 with specified COVID-19 precautions. The updated guidance is available here.
  • Commencement & Graduation Ceremonies: CDPH issued new guidance today for commencement and graduation ceremonies. The guidance provides recommendations to help students, teachers, families, and school administrators celebrate academic milestones while preventing the spread of COVID-19. Ceremonies must adhere to all California COVID-19 protocols for schools, travel, outdoor events, and lodging. The new guidance is available here.
  • K-12 Schools Guidance: CDPH last Saturday updated its K-12 Schools Guidance to align with the latest science, as reflected by the recent guidance update from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Under the updated guidance, CDPH strongly recommends distancing of at least three feet for students in classrooms. The updated guidance also renders all schools eligible to open if case rates are below 25 per 100,000 population. In all tiers, schools that have not yet opened must post their COVID-19 Safety Plan online five days before reopening. In the Purple tier, all schools must also submit their COVID-19 Safety Plan to their local health officer and the State Safe Schools Team concurrent with the online posting. The updated guidance is available here.
  • Cohort Guidance: This week, CDPH additionally announced changes to its Cohort Guidance. The update now specifies that the cohort guidance applies to counties in the Purple tier only. This guidance is frequently referenced for operations at day camps, before- and after-school programs, and childcare centers.