California Can’t Wait Coalition Formed to Urge Public Health Infrastructure Investments

The California Can’t Wait (#CACantWait) Coalition, consisting of CHEAC, HOAC, CSAC, RCRC, UCC, SEIU California, and Public Health Advocates, has developed a two-pronged proposal that would begin to reverse the decades-long disinvestment in local public health departments.

The coalition’s budget proposal consists of $200 million General Fund ongoing to support local health departments in rebuilding workforce and infrastructure before the next public health crisis and making strides in health equity. An additional one-time investment of $3.5 million would fund an assessment of the current and future needs of public health departments as proposed by AB 240 by Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez.

California cannot wait until the next public health crisis to support local public health workforce and infrastructure. The coalition invites organizations to support #CACantWait by signing onto our letter by Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Our letter is available here.