BSCC Expected to Release Second RFA for Prop. 64 Grant Program This Month

The California Bureau of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) is expected to announce in November a new request for applications (RFA) for a second round of the Proposition 64 Public Health and Safety Grant Program. Recall, Proposition 64, which legalized cannabis, requires grant funds to be provided to local governments to assist with law enforcement, fire protection, or other local programming to address public health and safety associated with the legalization of cannabis.

For the second round of the grant program, total funding is expected to be at least $14 million and as high as $44 million. Local governments that allow for the indoor or outdoor cultivation of cannabis and that allow for retail sales are eligible to apply. The grant period covers three years and the maximum amount for which any eligible applicant may apply is $1 million. Eligible collaborative applicants may apply for a maximum of $2 million.

There are four project purposes areas for which applicants may apply: 1) youth development, 2) public health, 3) public safety, and 4) environmental impacts. All applicants must dedicate a minimum of 10 percent of requested funds to support youth development, prevention, and intervention. Projects should additionally be trauma-informed, culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, and community-driven. Funded activities can include but are not limited to peer mentoring, job training/apprenticeships, substance use education, juvenile record expungement, and youth outreach program. Local governments may subcontract with community-based organizations for delivery of services.

Information on the Proposition 64 grant program is available here.