Biden-Harris Administration Identifies Additional COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies

This week, the Biden-Harris Administration identified a number of additional strategies to inoculate Americans against COVID-19 in an attempt to reach the country’s goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the U.S. adult population with one vaccine dose by July 4.

The Administration announced the following:

  • Free Rides to Get Vaccinated: President Biden announced a new program from ride-sharing companies Lyft and Uber to offer free rides to anyone going to get a vaccination site to get vaccinated. Lyft and Uber will promote rides to and from tens of thousands of vaccination sites though their apps. People will be able to simply select a nearby vaccination site, follow directions to redeem their free ride, and receive transportation. The feature is anticipated to launch in the next two weeks and run until July 4.
  • Community College Vaccine Sites: The Biden-Harris Administration will launch partnerships between federal retail pharmacy partners and community colleges to provide on-site clinics for students, staff, and local communities.
  • Grassroots Support: The Administration also announced the availability of funding to state, territorial, tribal, and local governments for community outreach and engagement to connect people to vaccinations, including through engagement of community-based organizations and faith-based organizations. State, local, and community leaders can use FEMA assistance to fund the cost of in-person, phone, and online community engagement, and community outreach workers supported by this funding can conduct a variety of critical missions.

Additional information from the White House is available here.