Biden-Harris Administration Details Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts, Expands FEMA Reimbursement to States

This week, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a series of actions intended to increase COVID-19 vaccine administration nationwide, as well as support other key COVID-19 response activities. This week’s activities include:

  • Increased Vaccine Supply: The Biden-Harris Administration indicated overall, weekly vaccine supply to states, tribes, and territories will be 10.5 million doses nationwide beginning this week. The Administration has committed to maintaining 10.5 million doses as the minimum supply level for the next three weeks.
  • Federal Retail Pharmacy Program: Beginning February 11, eligible populations will be able to access COVID-19 vaccine at select retail pharmacy settings as part of the newly formed Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID-19 Vaccination. The program consists of partnerships with 21 national pharmacy entities and networks of independent pharmacies representing over 40,000 locations throughout the country. In the first phase of the program, select retail pharmacies, identified by CDC and states, will receive limited vaccine supply to vaccinate priority groups at no cost.
  • Expanded FEMA Reimbursements: Building upon a previous Biden-Harris announcement providing full reimbursement to states for use of National Guard personnel in COVID-19 vaccine efforts, President Joseph R. Biden announced the federal government will retroactively fully reimburse states for FEMA-eligible activities that began as of January 20, 2020. At the direction of the president, FEMA expanded activities eligible for reimbursement for work conducted between January 21, 2021, and September 30, 2021, to include the safe reopening and operation of schools, childcare facilities, health facilities, non-congregate shelters, domestic violence shelters, and transit systems. An announcement from the Newsom Administration applauding the expanded reimbursement is available here.

The full announcement from the Biden-Harris Administration is available here.