Urban Institute Releases Report on Impacts of Proposed Public Charge Rule

On Monday, the Urban Institute released a report, “Proposed Public Charge Rule Could Jeopardize Recent Coverage Gains among Citizen Children,” detailing the potential impacts of the proposed public charge rule on Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The report finds that between 2008 and 2016, Medicaid and CHIP participation increased 15.5 percent among citizen children with noncitizen parents and 10.5 percent among children with citizen parents. The gap in participation between those two groups nearly closed—with 93.3 percent of Medicaid/CHIP-eligible citizen children who have noncitizen parents and do not have other insurance coverage being enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP compared with 94 percent for those who have citizen parents.

In 2016, nearly half of all citizen children with noncitizen parents resided in California (2.6 million), Texas (1.6 million), and New York (733,000). In California, 1.9 million citizen children with noncitizen parents were enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP, making up just over 40 percent of all Medicaid/CHIP-enrolled children statewide. The full Urban Institute report is available here.

As a friendly reminder, public comments on the proposed public charge rule are due to the Federal Register on Monday, December 10. For a copy of CHEAC’s submitted letter, a sample template letter, and other immigration-related resources, please visit our website here.