CDPH Reports Rise in Rare, Severe Complications from Untreated Gonorrhea

Today, the California Department of Public Health reported a recent increase of a severe form of gonorrhea called disseminated gonococcal infections (DGI), which is an uncommon, but significant complication of untreated gonorrhea. According to CDPH, untreated DGI can lead to joint pain and swelling from infected joints, small, painless red based skin lesions, infection in the blood, or, on rare occasions, infections of the heart values or fluid around the brain. Most of the cases in California have presented with joint pain and infected joints. CDPH instructs anyone with symptoms to contact their healthcare provider.

CDPH continues to work with local health departments and healthcare providers to better understand these infections and to ensure people with STDs receive timely testing and treatment.

The full press announcement from CDPH is available here.