Analysis Released for Initiative to Limit Government Authority During Public Health Crises

This week, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) released its analysis of the proposed statewide ballot initiative to limit the government’s role to an advisory capacity during any health crisis. Recall, paperwork was filed with the California Attorney General’s Office in September to begin the initiative process, which will eventually be required to collect 623,212 signatures once cleared for circulation.

The LAO’s analysis provides background on current government authority to declare and respond to emergencies, state and local government powers during emergencies, and local public health powers without a declared emergency. The analysis details the proposed initiative, which would prohibit the use of emergency powers to respond to public health emergencies, as well as certain local public health orders. The LAO determines that the measure could impact state and local government costs and revenues in different ways, though the actual fiscal impact is unknown and is difficult to predict.

The full LAO analysis is available here.