Newsom Indicates Support for Universal, Single-Payer Coverage

Appearing before the California Nurses Association, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom today urged state legislators to move forward with SB 562 by Senator Ricardo Lara which would establish universal, single-payer health care in California. Recall, the measure was shelved in the Assembly by Speaker Anthony Rendon earlier this summer, due to a lack of details around funding, delivery, and cost controls.

Newsom did not explicitly endorse SB 562 in its current form, but indicated his strong support for the concept of universal, single-payer coverage. If he is elected governor next year, Newsom vowed a “firm and absolute commitment” to pass universal health care.

With the newly formed Assembly Select Committee on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage, it remains to be seen what action the Legislature will take, when legislators return to Sacramento next year.