Legislature Works through Remaining Budget Trailer Bills

Despite the bulk of 2017-18 budget trailer bills being passed by the Legislature last week to meet the June 15 Constitutional deadline, both houses resumed work on remaining trailer bills upon Monday’s return to Sacramento. The week began with the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee convening a hearing on bills that did not meet the 72-hour rule last week. On Thursday, both the Senate and Assembly took up a number trailer bills on the floor.

The omnibus health trailer bill (SB 97) was passed by the Assembly on Thursday and remains to be heard by the Senate. This trailer bill delays implementation of AB 1863 (Statutes of 2016) regarding marriage and family therapist services through Medi-Cal, restores Medi-Cal dental and optical benefits, creates the Medi-Cal Diabetes Prevention Program, and aligns statute with current public health emergency preparedness and response practices.

The Legislature will continue their work on the remaining trailer bills next week. Governor Jerry Brown has 12 days to take action on bills, thus requiring bills passed last Thursday to be signed or vetoed by Tuesday, June 27.