Improving the Health of All Californians

CHEAC is dedicated to the promotion, protection, and improvement of the health of all Californians while addressing the unique health needs of our local communities.

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The California Endowment Equity Awards

The California Endowment (TCE) is soliciting applications from local health departments for their second round of Health Equity Awards. Advancing Health Equity Awards 2017: Highlighting Health Equity Practice in California Public Health Departments is intended to recognize and support the innovative work that local public health departments do to achieve health equity. Applications are due…

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Report on the Health Impacts of Cannabis Released

Yesterday, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released their report on the health impacts of cannabis and cannabinoids. Please recall that the California Department of Public Health was one of the sponsors of the study that assessed over 10,000 studies exploring the various impacts cannabis has on a variety of issues including human…

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Federal Update

Early Thursday morning, Senate Republicans began the process of repealing the ACA by opening up the debate on a budget resolution (which provides direction to key committees for the budget reconciliation process, including drafting specific legislative language). During the debate, Senators proposed non-binding amendments to the resolution to be voted upon, which social media tagged…

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